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Welcome to The Bamboo Grove : Oriental Music Sanctuary

Ever felt intrigued by the Erhu, or marveled at the flowing glissando of the Guzheng? Maybe you were held spellbound by the sweet melodious tune of the Dizi or felt calm at the Zen-like meditative slide of the Guqin?

We were (and still are!) deeply mesmerized by the beauty of Chinese Music, and made it our career. Other than sale of musical instruments, we teach, perform and promote Chinese Music in various countries. If you have any questions, please contact us!

We are Musicians too!

Based in Shanghai and USA, we are a group of musical instrument luthiers, makers and musicians, devoted to perfecting art of Oriental music. With every instrument backed fully by our years of expertise and experience, we assure all musicians of an unmatched quality and service unique to us at The Bamboo Grove.
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We Ship Globally to ALL Countries

We now ship to all countries, with the exception of Bolivia, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. Shipping costs will be available when you place your order. Select the appropriate region that you want the package shipped to and shipping costs will be calculated. For those countries or regions not displayed, please contact us to have an accurate shipping quote. Combined shipping and special requests are done via PayPal Invoices. You will be eligible for the same PayPal Buyer Protection and the warranty.
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We know You need to CONNECT WITH US!

The FASTEST way of getting to us is via FaceBook! , and you will have access to our representative almost all hours of the day. Whether you need help with tuning your Pipa, or you want an opinion on Guqin strings, or maybe you want to ask about performance techniques of the Erhu, we are here to help! You don’t even need to have purchased anything from us.

We have also came up with an interactive LIVE CHAT to connect to The Bamboo Grove. We are usually online, and in the rare event that we are not, send us an email at ask@nudesexclips.com

Your emails and messages will be replied typically within the next 6 hours OR LESS.

We stand by ALL our instruments

All our instruments are backed with a 1 year warranty, with repairs done in the United States or China, whichever is convenient for you. Should the defect be non-repairable, WE REPLACE THE INSTRUMENT AT NO CHARGE! Should you have any queries, please email us at ask@nudesexclips.com.