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The “Gentlemen” of Chinese Music, the Xiao has been the object of scholarly fascination for nearly 3000 years. Its simple construction, gentle tone and its ability to gently blend into any ensemble makes it highly popular. Most Xiaos are made of Black Bamboo (they call it “Purple Bamboo) and come in either 6 or 8 holes. Here, we retail only 8 hole Xiaos and those who require a 6 hole xiao of the same model can request for it though contacting us.
Ling Yun – Dong Xue Hua
Dizi Luthier Dong Xue Hua, arguably one of the most successful makers in China who has won the appreciation of many professional performers and conservatory faculty members. Dong himself is a succesful performer and based on his ability to think like a performer, he has made his dizis for the performers. Since 2011, his dizis are in several models meant for different levels of requirements. Residing in Tong Ling Qiao, in Hangzhou, China, he has access to hilltops and groves of bamboo forests, and his dizis are often of a quality that meets all requirements. His Xiao collection is considered one of the best in the industry, and through his diligent study, and careful selection of Xiao materials, he has been made the of xiaos for various conservatories and professional organizations.
Keys of Xiao
The Xiao is a modal instrument, and it functions on diatonic scales with Pythagorean Intervals. Throughout the performance, performers try to avoid, whenever possible, the use of accidentals and “half-holes” as they might interfere with the intonation of the performance. Hence, Xiaos ,theoretically are made specifically for every key. Most Xiaos are in the Key of G or F. If you do require Xiaos of other keys, please do not hesitate to contact us.