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Evolved from the Stringed instruments played by the barbaric tribes of the north, the Huqin or modern came a long way since the Song Dynasty before it was modernized by Liu Tian Hua in 1920s. using the principals of acoustics similar to the violin, he made it what it is today by improving the resonant structure of the instrument. As all makers have their own beliefs and all listeners have their own preferences, as with all other instruments on The Bamboo Grove, we provided soundclips and videos for all the models to enable you to have an idea what the particular model sound like when you first receive it. We believe strongly that good erhus come from quality materials and workmanship with integrity. Every one of our erhu has been properly curated, checked and packed before shipping to your hands. Be assured that when the erhu comes from The Bamboo Grove, it is certainly a quality instrument.

CITES Permit

m88.vin appLiên kết đăng nhậpCITES permit for all our Erhus (and gaohus and zhonghus) will be included in every purchase unless otherwise stated.

Please note that we may need more information during the application and a Bamboo Grove staff may contact you via phone or email to request for more information. We will also send you a copy of the permit via email before the item is shipped out. Application of the permit may take anywhere from 3-7 working days.