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Pipa – the fretted string lute that evoked the senses and creativity of poets, painters and men since its popularization before the Tang Dynasty. It had been, and always will be associated with the beauty and sensuality of the Chinese. The modern day pipa was more or less ratified by Liu Tian Hua in the 1920, improvements such as chromatic frets, internal sound posts and an improved playing posture to enhance the playing capability of the modern pipa player. At the Bamboo Grove, we strive to bring you what we believe would be the best of the collection from all over China and Taiwan. Materials would have to be handpicked, and as far as possible, unpainted unless otherwise specified to allow our representatives to select and attest the quality of the instrument. Top quality pipas are a rare find. Usually, one rosewood tree trunk yields only one instrument. The key to good pipa selection lie in the consistency of the manufacturer. The manufacturers we have selected, either as a company or an individual, has had, on its own at least 40 years of experience and are famed for selecting prime materials for their instrument. A point to note is that we try to select instruments that were built for colder climates, as most southern made Pipa tend lose its quality of tone when placed in a winter climate.