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Shanghai No. 1 Music Instrument Factory

All guzheng made by Dunhuang has undergone quality control before sending out to distributors. Xu Zhen Gao, the “Father of Modern Guzheng”, despite his age, still guides the entire crew with his 60 years of experience. Having invented the “S-curve” for the guzheng, he went on to develop sound post positions, Stringing bass blocks and such.

Since early 2000s, there has been a spate of forgery of instruments. Our Guzheng Supplier, Shanghai No. 1 Instrument Factory , Owner of the Dunhuang Trademark has come up with several means to combat piracy and forgery of their brands. Dunhuang has, since 2006, initiated a serial number system for all the Guzhengs. Since 2010, Dunhuang has initiated the Authenticity Label On all Guzhengs. It is found at the cover of the tuning peg compartment. m88.vin appLiên kết đăng nhập

Certified and Attested Guzheng Series

With the improvement of Guzheng Luthiering in the industry, We have decided to source other brands of Guzheng and put them into our collection. These featured guzhengs have been thoroughly tried and tested and sold by us in other sales channels, with very good reviews. We worked with the manufacturer and gave them our requirements, such as tone bars, sound posts and other requirements. These are more affordable, and yet, would be qualified to be a quality instrument for all performers.
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