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Along with the ratification of the Pipa, were the standardization of the Ruan family of instruments. These instruments feature prominently in the morden orchestra as the pizzicato section of the orchestra and as soloist instruments in various major compositions. Tuned G-D-G-D, they fill up the harmonies in symphonic orchestral works, and due to its unassuming blending tone (of the Ruan) and penetrating timbre (of the liquin), they are highly popular in many orchestras and schools. The key to good Ruan and Liquins is in the consistency of the making itself. At Bamboo Grove, we selected from Xinghai, a very prominent manufacturer in northern China, and backed with attesting by Song Guang Ning himself, Xinghai has been producing these instruments for most of the performing bodies in China and around the world. Being situated in a highly temperate climate, with harsh winters also mean that the instruments are less susceptible to warping and cracking caused by climate changes.