The Resource Library is powered by Google Drive, and is independently hosted from the Bamboo Grove, making it possible to be hosted indefinitely. The materials are sourced from the internet, and contributed by music enthusiasts, teachers and students who have taken the time and effort to prepare and share with everyone of us here. None of these materials are copyright of the Bamboo Grove, but as an active member of the online community, we have consolidated them together to enable learners from around the world to have access to materials. Most of these materials have had copyrights expired, and the materials have become intellectual commons: these are the intellectual properties and treasures of humankind as a whole. While we are free to use them, we would ask everyone using them to take a moment and thank, in our hearts, all those who have come before us, and had given us all these treasures of literature and knowledge. We should and must carry on their work to contribute to all these works to the best of our ability. That is done by practicing hard, listening to our teachers, if we have one, and sharing our knowledge with any many people as possible. Our library is never complete. We will like to seek contributions of new works, and for those who have the ability to, to translate as much of the works as possible, even if its just the title page. Our library is a volunteer one, and 3 members assigned to this are doing it out of their own time. If there is anyone willing to join in, and maybe, do translations (even if its just the titles to enable better searching) please contact us at If there is any sheet music that we do not have on the library, please contact us as well, and we will be glad to be of assistance. However, please note that for music materials that are copyrighted, we do not have access to them gratis, and it may be better if you contact the composers to be given permission to access them.

Guzheng Books/Sheet Music

Miscellaneous Literature on Chinese Music

The library is set to be ready in the first quarter of 2014.
We will be posting updates on the library on our Facebook Page.